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TOA WM-5325 D04 Wireless Transmitter

WM-5325 D04 Wireless Transmitter 863-865MHz


  • Operating range: 3m -120m
  • Four 16-channel banks of circuit frequencies.
  • Maximum input level: 110dB SPL.
  • Built-in circuitry minimizes ambient noise effects.
  • Single AA battery operation for more compact and lightweight body.
  • Low-battery indicator.
  • Connector for 3.5 mini-plugs.
  • Built-in antenna.
  • Neck strap is provided.


Licence Free: Channel 70 863-865MHz


Frequency Range576 – 865 MHz*1, UHF
Channel Selectable64 channels*1
Maximum Input Level-14 dB to -29 dB* (Audio level control: Min. to Max.)
BatteryLR6 (AA) or WB-2000 (Ni-MH battery)
FinishResin, coating (change other's)
Dimensions62 (W) × 102.5 (H) × 23 (D) mm
Weight90 g (with battery)
AccsessoriesScrew driver, Storage case, Neck strap

TOA WM-5325 D04 Wireless Transmitter

SKU: WM-5325
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